Welcome to Hands Design.

Hands Design explores wood and resin to design unique, functional wares for the everyday person. Its namesake celebrates the significance of work by our hands. Through our craft, we hope to be a thumbprint of impact in society and support those who are in need.

Our journey

Our journey as a family began when Uncle Ray learnt about resin art through YouTube, which fascinated him as an art medium (he was in the stained glass industry for many years!)

He had always hoped to start a venture dedicated to craft, having spent the past two decades of his life working and caring for his two daughters who have grown up now. With changing life circumstances, he knew that it is now the right time to pursue his passion. 

He took a leap of faith to get certified through a rigorous training programme at Leggari Products' headquarters in Pasco, Washington. Upon returning to Singapore, he refined his techniques over the year. He went on to learn woodworking locally, and enjoys working with upcycled wood offcuts sourced from local furniture companies. Although Hands Design started in 2020 offering home furnishings, the COVID-19 pandemic struck and no home renovations could proceed (!).

Our passion project

In 2020, as a family who stayed home together, we thought of how we could work on Hands Design together - and here we are today, doing what we love together!

In 2021, we shifted from our home workspace to a studio not too far from home. Having our own studio enabled us to create + experiment with greater space and freedom, and it gave us the ability to open up workshops to share our craft with others like you.

Fast-forward to 2022-23, we are now one of only studios in Singapore specialising in epoxy resin and locally-sourced wood to design unique, functional homewares for the everyday person.

Our mission

A work of art, a helping hand

Through our craft, we hope to be a thumbprint of impact in society that supports a more sustainable, equitable world.

Thank you for supporting our mission. 

Our philosophy

Our handcrafted pieces are


We are one of the only places in Singapore who casts and melds resin and wood together, carving them with a machine traditionally used for wood-turning. We learnt how to work with these materials, crafting with new techniques, to create our works.

We love bold, rich, iridescent colours. We hope that our pieces sing of new beginnings, unique personality, and a sense of empowerment.


From nature to home - all of our materials are sourced sustainably. In particular, we only source for wood from local companies. Wood offcuts are selected for their wood tone and unique grain patterns, and are treated and polished by hand. We then upcycle the wood into home décor pieces. Thank you, for supporting local.


Our products are made for unique purposes. A jewelry tray, a table coaster, a soap dish, a candleholder, there is just so many possibilities to explore. Magic happens when resin and wood are cast together and shaped by a wood-turning machine.


Each and every piece is individually coated and finished by hand, taking hours at a time just to attain a refined, polished finish to touch. Resin and wood are beautiful yet resilient materials to work with. With quality materials and hard work to finish, we believe that our products can last for years with proper care.

  • Personally designed and handmade by Uncle Ray.

  • Only quality resin and upcycled wood are used.

  • If properly cared for, is durable and lasting for years to come.

  • We will dedicate our craft towards our mission of being a helping hand, one work of art at a time.