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Vow Books

We are a Singapore-based stationery brand specialising in creating classic, minimalistic and elegant stationery and calligraphy for weddings, events and special occasions. We strive to provide our clients with a personalised, pleasant and client-centred experience of creating stationery for their significant moments that will last them a lifetime of memories.

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Ring Dish

The ring dish was created by Uncle Ray, who designed this for his wife on a whim. With great creativity and many opportunities to design for unique customers, the ring dish has evolved into the 'Everyday Dish' as well.

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All you need to create your own

ring dish x vow books bundle

Your wedding colours/theme

Let us know 1 - 3 colours that signify you as a couple, or matched with your wedding theme. If you are not sure, we are happy to guide you along.

The colours that you select will determine the colours of the vow book ribbons, and the resin pour for the ring dish.

Your vows - for the vow books

What would you like to have in your vow books? Do you prefer a blank page to write your vows, or have it printed? Do you have a wedding logo, a special verse, or song lyrics to print? Let us know!

Check out our wax seal designs and colours for inspiration.

Your design - for the ring dish

What type of wood do you like - light, mid-toned, or dark?
Will you need a ring holder in the centre of the ring dish?
Will the ring dish hold jewellery other than your rings, e.g. watches, other jewellery, etc.?

We will be happy to guide you along, do share with us your ideas!

Excitement and patience

We have a timeline of about - 5 weeks depending on the complexity of the order. Once details have been confirmed and payment made, we will proceed and have the items mailed to you as soon as we can!

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